Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hello new blog!

I got a new name with my new husband, changing your name is a very strange thing, it brings up all kinds of questions of personal identity. My little identity crisis, if you will, has led me into all sorts of directions in these last 3 months of newlywed bliss.

For one, I am reinventing myself as an artist, dropping all my crafting ventures I've worked on the last five years. Crafting was such a huge part of last year because i personally made everything for my wedding, from the ring bearer's pillow, to my birdcage veil and fascinator.
Now I am ready to get serious and be the artist i thought i would be when i was five years old dreaming of my future self. At the always wonderful advice of my friend Shayla, i am stepping back and not jumping at the first idea for a new project. I am just sitting back and re-thinking what excites me, where i want to be in the future, and who.

Since i have not jumped into the next great idea, billions of ideas have been flooding to me, i write the good ones down, but it's like sifting through miles of pictures floating everywhere. i am looking for that one to reach out and grab.