Sunday, April 1, 2012

Four Eyes Art Collective show March 31st 2012 in Chinatown, Los Angeles

Last night's Four Eyes Art Collective show went great! We had a huge turnout, all the bands were amazing, and I even met a celebrity I am a great fan of. What an awesome Saturday night. Like us on Facebook to find out about upcoming shows.
Here is my wall from last night.

Depictions of winged figures have been found carved in stone as early as the Sumerian culture. Each culture has their own interpretation of angelic beings. This project explores the correlation between the faces of the people and the faces of their angels. They all have a unique interpretation of a similar deity mirroring the facial features and heroic qualities of the culture.

BODHISATTVA Buddhist embodiment of infinite compassion. A Bodhisattva is anyone who motivated by great compassion wishes to attain Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings. Modeled after a Cambodian depiction.
Original Stoneware Sculpture

VALKYRIE Norse Mythology, she decides who lives and dies in battle and whisks them off to the afterlife. She’s a badass of the angelic beings, very Nordic.
Chelsea Mae Wesley
Original Stoneware Bust

CTHULHU with a pirate hat
Sculpted with fingers only and Raku fired
with crawling glaze for a random and one of a kind finish
Chelsea Mae Wesley