Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Art Sabbatical

Well I've been holding off on doing art for about a month now (ok i did one quick painting will post later) I am getting super antsy. I want to do metal work, but i have to teach myself to weld first and go collect some metal, which requires days off and summer trips into the desert whew~
I have started the welding in my garage (scary and fun)

After my decision to switch gears i planned a weekend trip to my favorite escape. Madre Grande monastery. It was so wonderfully quiet I kept falling asleep in the meditation room. It's very inspiring to be with people truely working to get off the grid and change society with thier own acts.
I love photographing the trees there too, here's some i did with the age-old technique of breathing on the lens~ and flipping the camera around super fast. Even harder when it's super hot and dry.

This one really shows the heat