Monday, October 4, 2010

Fugly Art. let it be Fugly

For the past oh, 7 years, i've been working on making it pretty. When i did interior plant design my boss would say "Make it pretty'. And thats what I did all day, and still do. I make my floral shop pretty, make nice arrangements. But lately, out of boredom I've also been making funky, sometimes downright ugly arrangements. for example, pulling all the petals off the sunflowers so they are just a big black eye, and arranging them in a row with cattail spikes. and i'm always surprised when they sell. People like unique.

I've been a jane of all trades for as long as i can remember, but have become a master of none. Now i am determined to overcome my Libra tendencies to flip flop and buckle down and become a master of a material. And on that journey i am going to make some Fugly art in the process of learning that material. So here's my first attempts at Raku, exciting, hot, and fast. i learned so much from making these tiles I will not be deterred by their Fugliness!

I got this crackle by waving the red hot tile in the air before lighting it on fire. You can hear the glaze cracking, sounds awesome =]

Friday, October 1, 2010

Goddess skateboard

This is my one-nighter skateboard design. I wanted to just do it and not worry about the outcome, and not try to make it to perfect. Go with the flow ya know.. And surprisingly it turned out great. It's a huge longboard skateboard. We are going to get hardware and wheels to skate it someday. meanwhile, it brightens up the living room.