Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tentacled Masks

 "Alien Relic" Raku fired stoneware mask. The unexpeted textures came out in the firing and really add to the carved textures. This one scares me a little.

Squid-like dark Cthulhu Raku fired mask. Sculpted with fingers only and Raku fired with crawling glaze for a random and one of a kind finish. This squid like monster came out of my love for tentacled sea creatures and Sci-fi lore. In the series of 3, this is the "serious" Cthulhu. The glaze came out of the fire with beautiful iridescence and matte texture. It's always a wonderful surprise to clean off the ashes and find these colors. I just love the fade from rusty brown to ocean green at the tips. A wonderful textural piece and the inspiration for a new series to come.
Find it HERE.

Making monsters can be a little too serious for me, so i have to go with the humor when it comes up.
While making this next one, moving the tentacles around in the soft clay I lifted one up high and suddenly it looked like a shy laughing octopus hiding his smile. And so I made the eyes to match. I really love how the tentacle "pose" came out.

Find it HERE.